Wechseln zu Deutsch

Courses and seminars

Language training

Individual coaching or small groups
Language training is available in Munich, Augsburg and Friedberg.

German as a foreign Language

You simply want to learn German. Maybe your are in Germany for limited time and will eventually return to your home country. Whether you are an absolute beginner or even a German teacher in your home country? we will do anything to meet your language needs.

German as a second language

You want to learn German because Germany is your new home. You need German to be successful at work or manage the many small challenges of everyday life.
We help you to get to know the German way of life.

Preparation for German examinations

We prepare you for the following tests:

German course for learners new to the Latin alphabet

You come from a country with a different alphabet or sign system (e. g. Arabic, Chinese or Japanese) and want to learn the Latin alphabet to get to grips with German quickly.


Whether for the job or for your travels: You will learn English fast with us and enjoy it.

Intercultural Communication Seminars

Seminars on intercultural competence are held throughout Bavaria.

Intercultural skills for leaders and project managers

Individual or group coaching
Become aware of important cultural and communicative differences when dealing with business partners or clients from abroad. This will enable you to deal more efficiently and confidently with international business contacts. Maybe you are experiencing tensions within the multicultural team you are leading. Your project is suffering and things might not be going according to plan. Find out about different views of time, the work-familiy balance and hierarchy. Learn to improve relations by understanding your team members? culturally determined expectations.

Intercultural skills for multicultural teams

Group coaching
As a multi-cultural team you want to improve communication and become a better team. Find out what culture and communication actually is. Discover differences and similarities of your own cultures. Become aware of how your culture determines communicative patterns. You will be surprised how cross-cultural insights will help to dissolve misunderstandings and tensions.

Living and working in Germany for experts from abroad

Individual or group coaching
You would like your new staff from abroad to feel at home in the company as well as in their new German environment. We make sure they get to know the German ways quickly. This may include language tuition if wanted. We would like your highly skilled employee to discover Germany as their second home. He/She will learn strategies to cope with cultural differences. This may include anything from practical advice when dealing with administrative hurdles to guidance on what to bring when invited to a party. Your employee will discover the many positive aspects of life in Germany.